a Private Collection of Vintage Drag Race Cars



This 1929 Model “A” Ford Standard Coup was purchased by Tom Severson in 1959 from the second owner, Ludvig E. Matson Jr., a stone Mason in the Harmony, MN area. He said he was 82, still working with stone, but felt he was too old to drive. He had bought it from Maybelle Berg. A school teacher who bought it new.

I drove it throughout High School and my first year at Luther College Decorah, Iowa. It was a road car. Louie said he could not make the Lanesboro Hill in high gear so my immediate goal was to do that. It overheated and I scraped the perfect right front fender at the rock wayside rest. My father always said it was in better shape when I got it than it was after my care. From there it was in storage where it got damaged by vandals. As I moved around the country I took it to Madison, Wisconsin, St Louis, Missouri, Atlanta Georgia and finally Winona in 1981 transporting it in a moving van with our furniture.

Always planning restoration, never wanting to part with it. I have owned it continually since 1959. It was restored in stages by Dan Storhoff and then John Cambell did the finishing touches that I was going to do myself. It had not been driven by me for about 40 years until Remlingers “Great Gatsby” party in June of 2018. It showed the contrast between the haves and have nots when compared to the much larger 1932 Packard.