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1965 Plymouth Super Stock Hemi
RO51168054 Built 11/25/1964
Total production of 102 units for 1965
1 or just 2 cars for Chrysler Engineering
(dealer code 81201) delivered to individuals

Delivered to Shadowoods Auto Center for Chrysler Race Group engineer Tom Tignanelli, the Tignanelli brothers and their father Robert Tignanelli Jr. undertook an extensive fabrication project to convert this NHRA Super Stock (S/S) car to compete in the Experimental Stock category (X/S). This new NHRA category was designed for “Funny Cars” with minimum weights/maximum engine displacement for each of the 5 classes.

To enhance weight distribution, the wheelbase was radically altered by relocating the rear axle forward 18″ and relocating the front axle forward 12″. The powerful 426 cubic inch Super Stock Hemi engine and automatic transmission received race updates and then relocated higher and further back in the chassis.

To reduce the total weight, the stock front suspension was scrapped in favor of a Logghe straight front axle. The stock front fenders/hood were replaced with fiberglass pieces from the Golden Commando’s while amber Plexiglass replaced all of the factory windows. The steel trunk floor was removed and replaced with aluminum sheet, a small grille mounted fuel tank replaced the factory gas tank, and a rare stamped aluminum dashboard took the place of the original steel unit. These changes resulted in lowering the delivery weight from 3,400# to 3,000#… a perfect match for the C/XS class minimum weight.

On the track, the UFO was a performance success with low 10 second ET’s and speeds of over 130 MPH. Tom Tignanelli drove the car to many class/eliminator wins earning him the titles of 1966-1967 National Champion and 1967 World Champion!

In 1968, the UFO was retired and replaced by a state of the art Dodge Charger. Bruce Elmer put this car into storage after Tignanelli removed the original engine and transmission. Paul Janda from Canada purchased the car from Bruce in 1971. Paul had a wide range of interests and the UFO remained hidden away, unmolested, in careful storage until our purchase from Paul’s son Jay in 2014.

Thank you Bruce and Jay for assuring the car survived in great condition and also acknowledge Reed Koeppe of Reed’s Performance in Kearney, NE for making a once in a lifetime opportunity reality.

We also want to extend a very special thank you to longtime friend Adam Engelhart and his team at AAA Restorations in Rushford, MN. Their commitment and coordination to assure another high quality and accurate restoration is greatly appreciated.

Owner: Clark Rand, Springfield, Missouri