This 1969 1/2 Roadrunner, serial number RM23M9AZ62473 Has been documented and verified to be the car supplied by Chrysler to Don Grotheer for use in Plymouth Super Car Performance Clinic presentations.

Don Grotheer’s racing career with Plymouth began in 1963. In 1966 he won the A/Stock class at the NHRA Winter Nationals and in 1969 won Super Stock Eliminator and reset the SS/BA record at the winter nationals.

In addition to a demanding race schedule, Don joined the Phymouth Super Car Clinic Program and conducted 80 presentations at dealerships across the country. These clinics were marketing tools Chrysler used to support performance enthusiasts with drag racing and street performance tips delivered in person by racing professionals.

This car was delivered to Cable Chrysler Plymouth in Oklahoma City on April 30th, 1969 and stickered for $3,723.60. Originally white, it was quickly painted to match Grotheer’s 1968 Super Stock Barracuda scheme and a number of Plymouth performance upgrades were added.

Chrysler supplied Don with a new style pro stock Barracuda and the focus on the clinic cars moved away from the Roadrunner. Never raced, the car was sold on August 30th, 1970.

Our sincere appreciation goes to the five previous owners for keeping the car in “Day 2” condition. Anatoli Polewik, Reed Kuhlmann, Fred Engelhart and Breet Torino.

Special thanks to Engelhart performance for connection us with the Grotheer family and allowing us to pay tribute to their racing legacy.