A southeast Minnesota business has been restoring muscle and classic cars for years. It is a labor of love with each car that comes in and the end results will give you nostalgia.

Remlingers Restorations in Winona are well known for their amazing restoration projects. They work on cars from all over the world and some of those cars are priced upwards of a million dollars after restoration.

Restoring cars to their vintage look and in mint conditions is what the Remlingers do best. There is a lot of leg work that goes into a restore before the retro vibes start flowing back. Jim Remlinger, owner of Remlinger Restorations describes a typical day by saying, “A lot of parts ordering, lot of parts searching, metal fabrication, painting, body work. Everyday brings something new.”

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Remlinger Restorations: Flexing their muscle cars since 2004