This car has been documented and verified to be the car John Hagen raced during the 1979-1982 period.

John Hagen began drag racing at the old Minnesota Dragway in the early 1960’s. In 1965, He aligned himself with the Plymouth brand. His racing success along with his brand loyalty led to Chryslser factory support throughout his racing career.

In 1979, Hagen offered a young man named Greg Anderson his first pro stock job in drag racing. As crew chief, Greg built a foundation of experiences that allowed him to tune Warren Johnson to three Pro Stock Championships in the 90’s and championships with his own KB team in 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2010.

While Hagen’s modestly funded team never achieved a national NHRA event win, they were very successful at the divisional level. In 1981, Hagen finished seventh in NHRA World Championship points and reset the speed record three times with 163+ MPH speeds.

This car was build by Jerry Henningson and during the period NHRA classified pro stocks by cubic-inch-to-weight, was powered by unique, low deck 387″ or 366″ Hemis. In 1982, the rules changed to 500″ limit and the team utilized a 500″ Keith Black aluminum Hemi block.

Once the car was retired, it was sold to John Lang. He sold it to the team of Quaden & Dickson and they owned if for almost 10 years. The car then had a number of other owners including Fred Engelhart, Tank Crosswhite, and Dwight Hash. Reed Koeppe located the car in Oklahoma and sold it to us in 2009.

To allow for authentic restoration, we have been fortunate to gain a tremendous amount of direction from individuals closely involved with the Hagen team… Thanks Dean!

Special acknowledgement is made to AAA Restorations in Adams, Minnesota for taking the crucial role in coordination of the entire project… Great job Adam!